The director of the Zionist military cemetery in west of occupied Al-Quds admitted that 50 Zionist soldiers had been buried, earlier, within 48 hours.

Iran PressWest Asia: The director of the Zionist military cemetery, David Oren Baruch, in a statement issued by the Zionist Ministry of War on Sunday, said: “At one point, we buried 50 soldiers within 48 hours without specifying a date.”

He added: "We are going through a period in which a funeral takes place every hour, and sometimes every hour and a half."

He continued, "We had to open a large amount of graves, alone, we brought about 50 bodies for burial within 48 hours." Today, the Zionist enemy army acknowledged that 380 soldiers and officers have been killed since the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip.

The bulk of these soldiers were killed on the first day of the war inside Zionist military bases and towns around the Gaza Strip. The Zionist government broadcasting authority reported on Sunday that 60 soldiers were killed in the ground aggression in the northern Gaza Strip since October 27. 

Since the Israeli regime started bombarding Gaza, at least 12,000 Palestinians have been killed, including more than 8,300 women and children, and 30,000 have been injured, according to the territory's Health Ministry. 219

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