The war against Gaza has entered its third month in a row, while the Zionist regime continues to bomb Gaza Strip, especially the Nur Shams Camp in the West Bank which has claimed tens of deaths and huge destruction to the area.

Iran Press/ West Asia:  The media of the Zionist regime announced that, based on the information provided by the Ministry of Immigration of this regime, between October 7 and November 29, the rate of migration to the occupied Palestinian territories has decreased by 70%.

Channel 14 of the Zionist regime TV reported that an anti-armor missile was fired from Lebanon towards the town of "Maian Baruch" in the occupied Hebron region.

The site of the Hebrew-language newspaper Yedioth Aharonot reported that there are currently intense clashes at the entrances of the neighborhood of "Al-Shaja'i" in the north of the Gaza Strip.Various media of the Zionist regime reported the death of another army officer of this regime in a ground operation in the Gaza Strip.

In this way, the number of military casualties announced by these media this morning has increased to 87 people since the beginning of the ground operation against the Gaza Strip.

Report: Nearly 0.5m Israelis left Israel after 7 October

Nearly half a million Israelis have left the country since 7 October, according to data from the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority.

The Times of Israel newspaper reported that 470,000 Israelis have emigrated from Israel and it is not known if they will return at a later point.

Data also shows a significant decline in the number of Jewish immigrants to Israel since the start of October, by about 50 per cent compared to the start of the year.

According to the data, migration to Israel declined by 70 per cent in November compared to previous months of 2023, with 2,000 immigrants arriving in November compared to 4,500 who arrived every month since the start of the year.


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