Palestine (IP) - Palestine's resistance Forces injured over 40 Israeli regime's troops in Gaza during the last 24 hours.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The Israeli forces injured were transferred to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba; the number of the injured was 42 out of whom 10 were in severe conditions.

The Israeli army announced on Friday that two soldiers were seriously injured during the "unsuccessful" operation to free Israeli captives from Hamas in Gaza.

Haaretz said that the number of Israeli forces wounded in Gaza exceeded 1,000 and that 202 of them were in severe conditions.

The Zionist newspaper also said that the Israeli regime prevents hospitals and medical sources from releasing the number of wounded and their condition and that Soroka is the first Israeli hospital to release information on army casualties.

The regime says over 420 Israelis were killed in their war on Gaza since the October 7 Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, 20 of whom were killed during the last 72 hours.

Israel is struggling to compensate for the irreparable intelligence and military blow it suffered from the October 7 Operation of Al-Aqsa Flood carried out by Hamas.

Since the beginning of the Israeli war on Gaza, nearly 17,500 Palestinian people have been martyred, and more than 46,000 others have been injured.


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