Tehran (IP) - The 17th edition of IranOpen Robocup international competitions, which took place at Tehran's Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch from April 26 to 28, wrapped up.

Iran PressIran news: Egypt, China, Afghanistan, Brazil, Russia, and Germany were the foreign participants in the contest that competed with Iranian teams in such fields as artificial intelligence and programming. 

Attending the event, the Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology said: We are proud to have supported the winners of the leagues in order to participate in the world championships.

Rouhollah Dehghani-Firoozabadi further said: We are planning to allocate special points for the winners of the 17th edition of the IranOpen RoboCup as they shape the county's future.

Also, Morteza Mousakhani, Chairman of the National Robocop Committee elaborated on the RoboCup competitions, saying: In addition to the development of robotics and artificial intelligence, these competitions are held to create scientific vitality and enthusiasm, enhance the skills of students, and streamline science in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence, and learning.

The 17th edition of RoboCup IranOpen brought together 320 teams, with 800 participants, from across the country to compete in different fields of robotics and artificial intelligence.

The competitions were held in 14 small humanoid leagues, student demos, service robots at work, flying robots, self-driving cars, and 3D football simulations.


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