Tehran (IP) - In a wave of nationwide demonstrations, Iranians have expressed their solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which has been under continuous Israeli attacks for several weeks.

Iran PressIran news: These demonstrations, attended by thousands from diverse backgrounds, took place in various cities and provinces across Iran. The participants expressed their vehement disapproval of the ongoing Israeli violence in Gaza.

The protestors, brandishing Palestinian flags, voiced their opposition to the Israeli regime and its Western supporters, particularly the United States. They denounced the Israeli regime's massacre of innocent civilians and called for accountability for these war crimes.

These rallies are not isolated incidents. Iranians have been consistently demonstrating since the onset of the conflict in the Palestinian territory, which has been ongoing for approximately one and a half months.

In a significant show of unity, 700 Iranian media outlets, encompassing news agencies, newspapers, and publications, issued a joint statement condemning the killing of people and journalists by the Israeli regime. 

The statement read, "We, the Iranian media, with hearts heavy with sorrow, condemn the martyrdom of 50 journalists in Gaza and the deliberate targeting of their homes by the Zionist occupation regime. This has often resulted in the martyrdom of these journalists' families, along with the killing of more than 11,000 people of the oppressed people of Gaza, including thousands of women and children."

The media outlets further stated, "The media of the Islamic Republic of Iran honors the memory of the martyrs of the enlightenment path in Gaza in unison with all the free people of the world and considers these crimes as another confirmation of the autocratic nature of this fake regime and the brutality of its supporters."


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