Ukraine (IP) – The border town of Záhony on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border is a crossing point for refugees from different parts of Ukraine to reach a safe place.

Iran PressEurope: At the same time as the Russia-Ukraine conflict began, internally displaced people (IDPs) of various nationalities tried to flee the country in any way and, through difficult and dangerous routes, hoping to save their lives.

One of them is Sina, an Iranian medical student who studied in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv and moved to the border town of Záhony in eastern Hungary and located on the border with Ukraine border due to the war in Ukraine.

Kharkiv is the second-largest city in Ukraine, located in the eastern part of the country, bordering Russia, and was the first city to be attacked.

In an interview with Iran Press on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border on June 17, 2022, the Iranian student spoke about the difficulties of the war and the way out of Ukraine, adding that with the cooperation of Hungarian border officials, he was able to cross the border.

Leaving Kharkiv and reaching the Ukrainian-Hungarian border was not an easy task, the Iranian student said, adding that border officials provided him with temporary accommodation. He will be prepared to leave Hungary for Iran after repairing his car and completing the legal procedures.

Russian attacks damaged his car in Kharkiv.

Sina pointed out that he wandered for a few days due to the lack of fuel on the way out of Ukraine. Now, he has temporary accommodation on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border.


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