The short film "Dabur," directed by Saeid Nejati from Iran, has received an award in Soria International Short Film Fest, which is the entrance ceremony to the 24th edition of Spain's Goya Awards.

Iran PressEurope: With Mahdiyeh Gholamhosseini and Amir Alvandi as co-producers, Dabur is a joint production of Iran's Nejat Film and Turkey's Paradox Productions, and it is distributed by Iran Film Port which is managed by Ali Mohammad Eghbaldar.

Soria International Short Film Fest is held with the support of the Goya Awards Academy of Spain, aiming at the promotion, creation, and production of short films as a means for auditory and visual expression, raising awareness and artistic knowledge, and an essential and strong tool for cultural interactions.

Goya Awards, the Spanish Oscars, is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, supervised by the Spanish Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences, granting prizes to artistic works of sufficient influence upon the globe. All selections entering the Goya Awards are qualified to be screened and to compete for the prizes in this ceremony. This festival was held on 11-20 November 2022 in Spain.

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The latest international honors bestowed upon Dabur are the following:

The Jeonju International Short Film Festival of Korea, 2022
Nominated in Ark Gate International Film Festival of Canada, 2022
Kayche International Film and Video Festival of Mexico, 2022
International Road Movie Festival of the Czech Republic, 2022
Dalmatia Film Festival of Croatia, 2022
Earl's Court International Film Festival of England, 2022
UVAQ International Film Festival of Mexico, 2022.

Saeid Nejati is an Iranian cinema instructor, producer, independent filmmaker, and international juror of film festivals who began his professional artistic activities in 2001 in Qom's Youth Cinema Society, earning numerous honors from various international and domestic festivals ever since. "Sorahi" and "It Rains Slowly" are two of his other works.

The fiction short film Dabur has also earned the jury's special prize in the 36th round of the Tehran International Short Film Festival as well as the Crystal Simorgh for Best Short, and it has been featured in 15 festivals, winning 5 awards.


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