Shiraz(IP)- The funeral procession of martyrs of the Shah Cheragh Shrine terrorist attack was held with the enthusiastic presence of the people of Shiraz metropolis and other parts of Fars Province.

Iran PressIran News: On the evening of late Sunday, following the attack by elements of a takfiri terrorist outfit of Daesh(ISIS) in the sacred shrine of Shah Cheragh (AS), seven people were injured, and two were martyred.

The funeral procession for the purified bodies of the two martyrs of the terrorist attack on the shrine of Shah Cheragh (PBUH) at 9:00 am on Wednesday, with the significant and glorious presence of the people of Fars province, started from Shohada Square and went to the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Ahmed bin Musa. Al-Kazim (A.S).

The people and families of the martyrs of the terrorist attack attended the magnificent ceremony holding the photos of the martyrs and chanting slogans against the crimes of the terrorists and making a lasting saga.

The ceremony was held in the presence of the governor, the representative of the Leader of the Revolution in the province, judicial officials and military commanders of the IRGC, army, and police, and other officials and high-ranking managers of Fars province and Shiraz city.

In the incident, 69-year-old martyr Gholam Abbas Abbasi, who belongs to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and head of the sacred shrine, attained a high degree of martyrdom in the very first moments.

The farewell ceremony for this martyr, who is from Khorameh city, was held on Tuesday evening, August 15, from the front of the army center of this city towards the Shohada Jame Mosque of the city, in the presence of the people of the province.

Mohammad Jahangiri, one of the security forces of the Holy Shrine of Shah Cheragh (PBUH), who was shot in the abdomen and despite undergoing two surgeries at the Namazi Hospital, joined the martyrs of the shrine on Monday evening.

According to Fars authorities, the funeral procession of this high-ranking Martyr will be held today from Martyrs' Square to Shah Cheragh's Holy Shrine. This afternoon, the farewell ceremony for this Martyr will be held at the same time as Maghrib and Isha prayers in the Friday mosque of Marvdasht.

The Martyr's funeral and burial procession will also be held on Thursday, August 17, in front of the Revolution Guards to Imam Khomeini Square and then to Martyr's cemetery in Kenareh village.


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