Tehran (IP) - Iran's Army Chief, pointing to Israeli barbarities in the Gaza Strip, said on Thursday morning that Tel Aviv's barbaric actions bear no military value.

Iran PressIran news: The Iranian Army Chief Major General Mousavi said: "The irreparable defeat imposed by Hamas's operation Al-Aqsa flood can not be repaired by the Israeli regime's violent actions."

Praising the Hamas fighters' bravery, the Iranian army chief said: " The Israeli war crimes are not worth even a single second in comparison with Hamas Operation," added General Mousavi. 

In the opening ceremony of 744 houses of the Iranian Army Ground Forces codenamed "Mehr Velayat," General Mousavi labeled the al-Aqsa Operation a turning point, which accelerated the downfall of the Zionist regime. 

The Iranian general referred to the remarks of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei who said that the Hamas operation imposed an irreparable defeat on the Tel Aviv regime. 

The Israeli war crimes further reveal the true nature of the US human rights, according to the general.

He expressed hope that the Storm Operation along with the support of the freedom seekers and the resistance of the oppressed Palestinians prove that the voice of the oppressed can be heard louder, akin to the sharpened sword.

In the end, the top commander expressed hope for tackling the housing problem with a 5-year plan. 219

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