Tehran (IP) - Iranian Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance says Iran is seeking ways to reduce the delay of goods clearance in Customs stores.

Iran PressIran News: On the sidelines of the cabinet session on Wednesday, Esahan Khandouzi told reporters that most of the goods that remained in the Customs stores had not been declared to the government.

He then referred to the recent floods that inundated parts of the country and reported on some reforms in the way the damage to the flood-hit areas was supposed to be compensated. 

The damage is planned to be compensated through the insurance system.

The Government's Spokesman Ali Bahadori Jahromi said in his weekly press conference on Tuesday that the government would compensate for the recent floods' damage to the country through the Fund for Natural Disasters Insurance.  

Parts of Iran, including southeastern and southwestern regions, witnessed heavy rains in recent days; Monsoon rains caused flooding of streets, passages as well as water penetration into people's houses.

Minister of Finance tells about new package for boosting stock market


The government's new proposal to boost the stock market seeks to make the stakeholders optimistic about its predictability for investments, says the Iranian Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance .

In response to Iran Press about the proposal, Ehsan Khandouzi said on Wednesday that through the proposal put forward late last year, the government was determined to make the market predictable for the stakeholders.

The proposal, Khandouzi told IP, encompassed different sectors of the administration that were active in the country's stock market. 

Elaborating on the government's approach to managing the stock market, he said: "The practice was going well until the early months of the current year but was hindered due to some discoordination, an issue that made the market players pessimistic about the status quo."  

Khandouzi said that Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stressed the adherence to the former adoptions and the support for the state-owned sectors of the stock market to improve the conditions for the stakeholders and make them optimistic about the market.

The poor performance of the former administration over the management of the stock market tarnished the people's trust in the country's stock market for investment. 


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