Baghdad (IP) - In a tweet, Iran's ambassador to Baghdad emphasized the Islamic Republic of Iran's support for Iraq despite the efforts of some parties to distort the facts and mislead public opinion regarding the issue of the Iraqi dollar.

Iran PressIran news: Mohammad Kazem Al Sadegh wrote in this tweet on Friday evening: "The Islamic Republic remains the first supporter of Iraq's development, stability and progress, even though it has been exposed to accusations which aimed at distorting public opinion are the main cause of the dollar price crisis."

It seems that the Iranian ambassador is referring to the issue of Iraq these days and the high price of the dollar in this country. The US blocked the Iraqis' income into the Iraqi banks and only let the central bank of Iraq use the dollar, causing it to become expensive in order to put pressure on the government of Mohammed Shaiyaa Sabbar Al-Soudani.

Hadi al-Amiri, the head of the Al-Fatah coalition in the Iraqi parliament, also criticized the United States on Tuesday night, saying that "the Americans use the dollar as a weapon to keep the nations hungry."

Regarding the issue of the increase in the price of the dollar in Iraq, al-Amiri also said that since the reserves of the central bank of this country are at the disposal of the Federal Reserve, the government of Baghdad lacks economic independence.

He said: "The Americans are currently putting the most pressure on Iraq to prevent its relations with Europe and other countries of the world."

Some Iraqi political figures such as Mustafa Jabbar Sanad, an independent representative of the Iraqi Parliament, have recently warned about the economic measures of the United States against the Iraqi government.


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