Velayati: Deal of the Century, a plot to separate Palestine

Tehran (IP) - The Iranian top advisor said the world views the so-called US-Israeli 'Deal of the Century' as an important issue, a "dream" the US president with the help of the Zionist regime pursue to sell and separate Palestine by it.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Iranian top advisor requested the attendees at the beginning of the press conference to stand for a minute to pay homage to Martyr Lieutenant General Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis; then he said the US and its allies thought the resistance movement would decline after the US assassination of Martyr Soleimani and al-Muhandis, but their martyrdom reinforced the resistance movement.

"In our era, Soliemani and al-Muhandis' martyrdom have brought unpredictable and integral reactions for enemies, first slapping the US on the face and second, an unprecedented rally in Iran's history during their funeral procession," he added.

He noted that Palestinians and world Muslims' integrity is valuable, the US has done inhuman measurements that all have been foiled and this plan would be defeated too.

A plan has been suggested in the UN which the Leader of Islamic Revolution has agreed on too, which includes: 1) restoring the right to return for the Palestinians to their home, 2) holding referendum participated by all Palestinian ethnicities after the Balfour Declaration 3)  establishing a political system agreed by a majority of Palestinians, and 4) returning all the homeless Palestinians to their territories. 

He said Trump thinks he owns the world and says Israel must be secured however he cannot even secure the US own troops; thus, how he can secure Israel.

 Iran's Leader top Adviser for International Affairs said the philosophy of the Resistance Front is resistance against the Israeli regime.

All Muslims across the region and the world stated that al Quds is not for sale.

Ali Akbar Velayati who attended a press conference on Thursday over the so-called US-Israeli 'Deal of the Century' said that the activities of Iran and the Resistance Front are accepted by any freedom-seeking human-being.

Velayati referred to the Palestinian issue and said what is considered as the top priority for Palestine is the withdrawal of the Israeli occupiers and holding a referendum for the Palestinian nation to establish a popular government.

The practical dimension of the Resistance Front, he said, is the spread of the movement from Tehran to Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and God willing to Yemen.  

Velayati also pointed out to Iraq's developments and the US passive efforts to stay in the country and stressed that when the Iraqi parliament approves the US withdrawal from Iraq, they must all leave the country.

He remarked that the million-man demonstration in Iraq was an influential step in the US troops' withdrawal from the country, so they resort to propaganda to make up for their weakness.

The Iranian top advisor asserted that if the US insists on remaining in Iraq, the brave Iraqi nation will confront it and make them leave their country.


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