Europe (IP) - The martyrdom of the President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, and his companions following the helicopter crash has been widely reflected in the media of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Iran PressEurope: According to the report of Iran Press News Agency from Sarajevo, the visual media and news websites of Bosnia and Herzegovina addressed the news related to the martyrdom of President Raisi, and Amir-Abdollahian and their companions after the helicopter crashed in East Azerbaijan province.

Federal News Agency or FENA, the government-owned national news agency of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a separate news report addressed the incident of the helicopter crash of the late president of Iran and referred to the appointment of the vice President as the interim President.

The popular Clix website has paid attention to the crash of Ayatollah Raisi's helicopter, the extensive search operation since yesterday.

President  Raisi and the martyrdom of Ayatollah Raisi and his companions with the headline "World leaders offered their condolences to the people of Iran after the martyrdom of the President of Iran."


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