Tehran (IP) - The Spokesman of Iran's Judiciary says it has taken practical steps in anti-Israel measures including the formation of a network of pro-Palestinian lawyers.

Iran PressIran news: Masoud Setayeshi told reporters on Wednesday, that the Judiciary Chief wrote a letter in the current week to the Judiciary chiefs of the Islamic countries calling for the use of all legal capacities to support the Palestinian nation against the Israeli regime. 

Setayeshi said that the Iranian Judiciary seeks to proceed with the criminal investigation of the Israeli regime's war on Gaza, allow for its legal aspects, and issue a legal verdict. 

He said that the Office of Deputy Chief of Judiciary for International Affairs pursues the implementation of the letter. 

Masoud Setayeshi stated: "Various measures have been taken by Iran's judiciary to force them to provide political and judicial support to the oppressed people of Palestine and to use their legal capacities."

The Judiciary Spokesman stated: "Also, in the said letter, the organized action of the Islamic countries to stop the operations of the Israeli regime, to facilitate humanitarian missions, and to set up a court and punish the commanders, leaders, and perpetrators of these crimes by using the capacities of national courts."

"The human rights headquarters will follow up on the implementation of the said letter," he said.

complaints of Shrine Defenders' families

The Spokesman of Iran's Judiciary also explained about the legal court addressing the trial court of the US-backed terrorists who martyred the Shrine defender forces.

Setayeshi said the Judiciary examines the crimes committed by the US terrorist government and the Israeli regime from the legal aspects, in a fair atmosphere, while examining the claims, and finally issues the appropriate verdict. 

He said that the court's investigation and the report of the judicial officers confirm the presence of the US in international wars and conflicts. 

"In this case, a legal notice has been sent to all defendants, including the US government, to attend the court session," he went on to say.

The Iranian Judiciary Spox said: "Although there is sufficient evidence of the US support for terrorist groups, the US government and other defendants have not yet sent a bill to the court to defend themselves."


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