Qazvin (IP):The first high-power electron accelerator system "ELV" was unveiled at Qazvin Industrial Radiation Center today (Thursday) in the presence of Mohammad Eslami, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.

Iran PressIran news: According to the "Diplomacy and Public Information Center of Iran Atomic Energy Organization", the first high-power electron accelerator "ELV" with energy of 2.5 megaelectronvolts and rated current of 40 milliamps aimed at improving quality, increasing efficiency and lifespan and creating a field for export Polymer products were put into use as the first industrial radiation system in the 13th government and in the radiation center of Qazvin.

The first high-power electron accelerator "ELV" was built on a land of 12 hectares, and irradiation of polymer materials and products, sterilization of disposable medical products, disinfection and elimination of food storage pests, conducting polymer tests in order to check properties and control The quality of materials and the determination of the microbial load of food before and after irradiation are among the most important services and activities of this collection.

The use of radiation technology creates a transverse bond in wire and cable insulation and as a result improves thermal characteristics such as increasing the melting temperature in order to transmit more power, improving chemical characteristics such as increasing insulation resistance in harsh and corrosive industrial conditions and improving mechanical characteristics such as increasing resistance.


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