Tehran (IP) - Iran's Parliament Speaker says the officials of the Iranian and Russian parliaments, governments, and nations can act in a way that maximizes the use of opportunities to overcome threats.

Iran PressIran news: The third Joint Parliamentary Commission meeting of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia kicked off on Monday in the Iranian capital city of Tehran.

The Speaker of the Lower House of the Russian Parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin, was welcomed by the Iranian Parliament Speaker, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf at Iran's Parliament. 

Heading a delegation, Volodin arrived in Tehran on Sunday, January 22, 2023, on a two-day visit.

The spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi is also in Iran's Parliament to attend joint Parliament Speaker Ghalibaf and State Duma Speaker Volodin.

Speaking at the third Iranian-Russian commission on Monday, Ghalibaf expressed hope that the cooperation between the parliaments in 2023 will be accelerated in the political and economic fields, as well as other strategic cooperation.

Ghalibaf stated: "Our officials in Iran and the Russian Federation know that we are at an important point in bilateral and multilateral relations and also national and regional issues, so time is the most important element in the decision. He concluded:" We must look to the future and the strategic agreement between Iran and Russia and implement the 25-year contract as soon as possible."

He stated: "The Joint High Commission was being held when both sides reached a common understanding of cooperation."

The agenda meeting comprises legislative support of trade and economic cooperation in spheres of energy, transport, and agriculture, issues of interaction in the Caspian region, regional security, and countering terrorism and extremism. The previous meeting of the commission was in January 2020. Talks between Volodin and Ghalibaf are also planned during the visit. Lawmakers intend to discuss the progress in interparliamentary relations between Russia and Iran.

State Duma Speaker: Tehran, Moscow intend to strengthen ties

Upon his arrival in Tehran, Volodin said in a meeting with Iran's Parliament Speaker: "Iran and Russia have declared their full readiness to extend ties in banking, agriculture, economics, energy, and investment fields."

State Duma Speaker further noted: "Iran and Russia are fighting terrorism in the region and maintaining peace and security.  Volodin stated that all the orders by the presidents of the two countries must be implemented soon. Given the current situation, the best way to develop connections between Russia and Iran could be the set-up of the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC), he noted."

He recalled Russia as a successful trade partner of Iran, noting that the Iranian side is prepared to expand cooperation. The Russian Speaker stressed the expansion of the mutual banking system and said both sides must exchange Rubles and Rials.

Iran, Russia seek to bring multipolar architecture to the world

Volodin also stressed the efforts to create a new architecture in the world, that is the multipolar system.

Volodin said: "Iran and Russia have been facing sanctions and challenges for a long time, and these threats do not hinder the development of our relations. In fact, the main goal of the sanctions is to maintain the hegemony of the US in the world, but we  defend our national sovereignty and determine our own destiny. We support our traditions, literature, and language and support the independent politics of countries."

He continued: "They are used to interfering with other countries and want to use all the world's resources to increase their wealth. Of course, the US is already damaged, but the European Union follows the policies of the US, the leaders of Europe must get the energy and gas they need from non-Russian markets and at higher prices than before, which is very difficult for them."

He noted that the US provides energy carriers for Europe, but Europeans have to buy oil and gas at 4 times more expensive than the price used by the US itself, and that has caused many European factories to be closed and transferred to other countries. He stated that the relations between Iran and Russia should be based on the principles of mutual respect, cooperation, and strengthening of bilateral relations, and whatever will happen will definitely serve the national interests and benefit the people of the two countries.


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