Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad Iraj Masjedi

Iran's Ambassador to Baghdad referred to the necessity of putting aside the differences of tribal, religious, and political nature in Iraq saying that Iran would be ready to help Baghdad get through the existing challenges and problems.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iraj Masjedi on Sunday referred to the fact that in Mostafa Al-Kazemei's government, who is Iraqi Prime Minister there are some good measures that have been taken to expand bilateral relations.

He also went on to stress that with the end of the Coronavirus outbreak, the effects of these steps on the development of Iran-Iraq relations will become more apparent.

Stressing the fact that foreign interventions have played a determining role in the persistence of Iraqi problems, Masjedi added that the Islamic Republic of Iran hopes that there would be an independent, strong stable, and developed Iraq.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, according to Iraqi officials, was the first country to come to provide Iraq with assistance when ISIS terrorist outfit occupied Iraqi cities in 2014 and contributed its experiences and weapons to Iraqis.

Iran and Iraq are currently working to continue bilateral cooperation in other areas, including the development of trade and economic exchanges, and to further strengthen their ties.


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