Tehran(IP)- The heads of the Iran Press International News Agency and the Sacred Defense Museum signed a memorandum of cooperation.

Iran PressIran News: The National Museum of the Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense, the largest military museum in the Islamic world and the most modern museum in West Asia, is one of Tehran's tourist attractions.

National Museum of the Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense, in order to acquaint domestic and foreign audiences, especially the younger generation and future generations, with the culture and values of the Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense (Iran–Iraq War)*, established by the Municipality of Tehran in 2010 with an area of 220,000 square meters.

On the sidelines of signing the memorandum on cooperation, the head of the Iran Press International News Agency Abbas Mohammadnejad and the head of Sacred Defense Museum Ali Asghar Jafari emphasized the promotion of the discourse of the Islamic Revolution, Sacred defense, and resistance in the domestic and international arenas.

Abbas Mohammadnejad, head of Iran Press International News Agency, said in the meeting that Iran Press has a lot of capacity to produce live and productive programs during the visits of foreign guests.

He stated that Iran Press, in addition to video productions in the military field, which has a large audience group, reports on all national and international occasions: "By using the capacities of the Holy Defense Museum, we can deal with these issues through new programs with new angles and introduce the (8-year imposed) war to the new generation."

Ali Asghar Jafari, the Managing Director of the National Museum of the Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense, for his part, hailed the unique capabilities of the Iran Press news agency as a young news agency and said: "The Museum of the Sacred Defense is preparing the necessary grounds to help Iran Press, as it has documents to produce outstanding works."

Jafari emphasized that Iran Press can portray the oppression of the people, especially the chemically-injured veterans, during the eight-year imposed war, by producing various programs.

He went on to say that the downed American drones, especially Global Hawk displayed for the first time in the Sacred Defense Museum, and even the world's military officials were able to see the parts of it closely for the first time, therefore to reflect the political and military power sphere, Iran Press can play an important role.

Jafari also said that this year, with the reduction of the coronavirus epidemic, the Sacred Defense Museum will hold a ceremony honoring the veterans of the Sacred Defense in Imam Khomeini's Hosseiniyeh in the presence of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, which is one of the most significant events in the world in terms of honoring the war veterans.


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