Tehran(IP) - The Head of Iran Press News Agency says Iran Press is Iran's mainstream media to broadcast truth overseas.

Iran PressIran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Monday, Abbas Mohammadnejad stated that Iran Press is trying to communicate the country's capacities to the world in the best possible way. 

Mohammadnejad stressed that Iran Press aims to extend and broadcast the martyrdom culture to the globe as particular Iranian culture to familiarise its people with it.

He referred to the MoU signed between Iran Press and the Sacred Defense Museum today, Monday, and said that according to the inked memorandum of understanding, Iran Press News Agency is supposed to familiarise the foreign visitors to the Sacred Defense Museum on how Iranians have suffered the 8-year imposed war during the Sacred Defense.

The heads of the Iran Press International News Agency and the Sacred Defense Museum signed a memorandum of cooperation on disseminating Iran's Sacred Defense culture to the world.


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