Tehran(IP)-Today, Monday (April 8, 2024), has been named "National Nuclear Technology Day" in recognition of the proud efforts of Iran's nuclear scientists in completing the nuclear fuel cycle.

Iran PressIran news: On the day in 2006, Iranian scientists succeeded in producing a complete cycle of nuclear fuel on a laboratory scale.

By announcing the success of Iranian scientists and specialists in achieving uranium enrichment technology and launching a complete chain of enrichment using Iran-made centrifuges to the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) the Islamic Republic of Iran is placed among the countries that have the technology to enrich uranium in the field of peaceful activities.

Today, Iran proudly has the highest rate of growth in the production of science, and in fields such as the production and proliferation of stem cells, nanotechnology, and in the production of various types of radiopharmaceuticals using nuclear knowledge, it is among the countries with modern global knowledge.

In the field of nuclear science, now with the expansion of nuclear medicine products and services, a significant part of the pharmaceutical needs of the country's medical and health centers is provided, and the activities in the needed sectors are being carried out at a fast pace.

In recent years, Iran's nuclear scientists have succeeded in producing a variety of consumer products that are needed by the Iranian scientific and research centers.

The ever-increasing development of the achievements of the strategic industry is now on the agenda of those who strive in the field of nuclear knowledge with all their might in various fields.

Mohammad Eslami, Vice President and Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), in a message, considered the arrival of the "National Day of Nuclear Technology" as a golden leaf resulting from the round-the-clock and non-stop efforts of well-known thinkers for the development of science and technology in Iran's nuclear industry.


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