Tehran (IP)- The international science and technology conference, which is called the precursor of the Khwarizmi festival, wrapped up this evening at the Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Iran.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran Press news agency, in this conference which lasted for 2 days, the best of the Khwarazmi Festival of the past years expressed their opinions and views.

In this conference, some organizations that have good level of cooperation with technology and knowledge-based companies also showcased their services and products for   those who were enthusiasts by setting up booths.

One of these booths, which happened to display new and efficient weapons, showed the capabilities of Islamic Iran in the field of defense equipment, was the Ministry of Defense.

Mustafa Ghorbani, head of the field of research sciences and technology of the Defense Industries Research Institute, said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press that the defense industry complex of the Ministry of Defense has well identified, supported and employed a network of technological and knowledge-based companies.

This official mentioned that more than 6,000 technology companies and more than 1,000 knowledge-based companies are helping the defense industry.

Ghorbani added that more than 60 percent of defense industry products are produced in technology and knowledge-based companies, many of which are unknown.

Also, Sadeghi, who is in charge of the recruitment of the Ministry of Defense, also said in an exclusive interview with the Iran Press news agency about the employment of elites in knowledge-based companies, that arrangements have been made to preserve the elites, including have diversification of process of cooperation with them. 


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