May 28, 2020 23:09 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 28, 2020 23:49 Asia/Tehran]
  • Defenders of health prove Iran’s capabilities in dealing with COVID-19: Commander

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Deputy Chief coordinator of the Iranian army said that the enemy has made extensive efforts in various dimensions, including propaganda to present that Iran's ability to counter the coronavirus is weak, but defenders of health proved that Iran’s capabilities were sufficient in this area.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking at the commemoration ceremony of  Iran's 110 health martyrs and 3,000 defenders of heath and unveiling the statue of Fereshteh Mehr (Angel of Kindness) on Thursday, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said: “In the past few months, the country's medical staff has been bombarded by the enemy's psychological operations and propaganda, seeking to show that medical facilities in Iran are scarce and that the country is facing difficulties in dealing with coronavirus.”

“We are proud of the defenders of health and the martyrs of health who resisted the enemy's propaganda and produced these valuable results in the campaign against the disease,” he added.

The top military official stressed: “We are one of the most successful countries in the fight against COVID-19 disease.”

“Using the experience of the imposed war against Iran, the Armed Forces tried to use the equipment, which was used to counter chemical attacks, for controlling the spread of the coronavirus, proving that the army is always at the service of the people,” he added.

Referring to the efforts of the Armed Forces to deal with a probable second wave of coronavirus outbreak in the country, Sayyari said: "Certainly, the health care system of the Armed Forces is 100% ready for a re-outbreak of coronavirus and it can serve the country's medical community."

He continued: “In the current critical period, we have been able to succeed in controlling the virus thanks to the unity and empathy of all organizations and people”.

Speaking at the very same ceremony, World Health Organization Representative in Iran said: "I will not forget those in Iran and also in other countries, who sacrificed their lives for the health of the people."

Stating that the COVID-19 has changed the relationships between people, Christoph Hamelmann said: “Now is the time for international solidarity and it should be a priority for all.”

“We must not forget those who fought in this way,” he stressed.

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei also said at the ceremony: "The sacrifices of the defenders of health have been unprecedented in Iran’s history."

Referring to the achievements of Tehran province in dealing with the coronavirus, the head national task forces for the management of operations against coronavirus in Tehran Alireza Zali said: “The mortality rate compared to the clients of COVID-19 in Tehran province is 1.69, which is better than the global statistics.”

“Also, 88.7% of Corona patients in the province who have recovered so far which is a good number,” added the official.

The commemoration ceremony of 110 health martyrs and 3,000 defenders of heath and unveiling the statue of Fereshteh Mehr (Angel of Kindness) was held on Thursday in Tehran with the attendance of  Iran's top-ranking military and government officials.


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