May 22, 2020 09:03 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 25, 2020 15:19 Asia/Tehran]
  • Hamas: Intifada on liberation of Quds on its way
    Hamas: Intifada on liberation of Quds on its way

The deputy head of Hamas's political bureau called the Palestinian intifada for the liberation of Quds imminent and said that Brigadier General Esmail Qaani has taken the same path of the resistance as Martyr Soleimani in support of the Palestinian cause.

Iran Press/Middle East: Deputy head of Hamas' political bureau Saleh al-Arouri called the annexation of parts of the West Bank to the occupied territories the hottest topic in the region and said that Palestinian policy was to revive resistance and popular positions against the occupation of the West Bank.

In an interview with Al-Mayadin, Saleh Al-Arouri referred to the efforts of Washington and Tel Aviv to take advantage of the current situation in order to dominate the West Bank, noting, "We are doing our best a real and decisive position to be formed to prevent the annexation of the West Bank to the occupied territories."

Al-Arouri said the world is unable to stop the crimes of the occupying Zionist regime against the Palestinian people, adding: "Even some in the world are conspiring against us."

"Return of the resistance to the West Bank is very possible and much closer to reality than what people imagine it to be," the Hamas official stressed. "Our people have the power of a new intifada."

Al-Arouri called the emergence of a new intifada in the West Bank imminent, saying, "If the annexation plan is implemented, we will be approaching an intifada that will change the facts."

"Our position in opposing the Oslo Accords has been this from the beginning because going under the occupiers' demands will not meet our demands," said the deputy head of Hamas's political bureau.

"We welcome the decision to cancel the agreement with the occupying regime and to suspend security coordination, but this must be done," he said.

Al-Arouri highlighted, "We are all one nation and our problem is the same, which is to get rid of the occupying Zionist regime".


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