Nov 30, 2019 13:36 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 18, 2020 21:52 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Chairman of Iran's Election Headquarters, has said based on our estimates at least 60-percent of eligible voters will take part in the upcoming parliamentary elections this February.

Iran Press/Iran news: "Based on our assessment, we are hopeful of seeing a 60 percent turnout in the upcoming parliamentary elections which is the average voter turnout for the past ten parliamentary elections," stated the chairman of Iran's Election Headquarters.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency on the sideline of a press conference held at the interior ministry on Saturday, the chairman of the Election Headquarters Jamal Orf said: "Naturally for high public turnout and significant voter participation leading to an efficient parliament worthy of this nation, there are some legal frameworks which need to be considered."

The official noted that the stage is already set for registration of prospective candidates which kicks off tomorrow (Sunday) and would-be candidates need to provide valid identification documents as well as their registration documents.

The chairman of 'Iran's Election Headquarters', Jamal Orf has said an estimated seven thousand prospective candidates will register to contest the 2020 parliamentary election this February.

The upcoming legislative elections in Iran will be held on 21 February 2020, four years after the previous legislative elections in early 2016.


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