Tehran (IP) - The Head of Iran's Central Bank (CBI) announced the beginning of the Iranian export to Iraq and Afghanistan in Rials.

Iran PressIran news: To neutralize the sanctions imposed on it, Iran has put on its agenda the use of national currency in trade with other countries. 

China, India, Russia, and Türkiye are also among the countries that plan to use their national currency in trade exchanges with other countries.

The Head of CBI Mohammad-Reza Farzin said on Monday that the offshore rial plan has been reviewed at the central bank for many months, and when implemented Iranian businessmen can have exports to Iraq and Afghanistan the exporters' demand to export to the two countries through rial, Iran's national currency. 

Earlier, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister said that Tehran seeks cooperation within the framework of BRICS with the state members, one of which omits the dollar from business trades and financial transactions.

Bagher Kani said: "We have planned many missions and joint work with other BRICS members within the framework of this organization. One of the most important tasks is the de-dollarization of trade and economic transactions and financial cooperation."


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