Iran (IP) - Christian thinker, George Jordac, says Imam Hussain (AS) is not a character limited to a specific place, religion or people. He is the symbol of freedom for all Muslims and humans across the world.

Iran PressIran news: George Jordac (1931-2014) is one of the Christian thinkers who is fascinated by the character, behavior and liberating movement of Imam Hussain (AS). Indeed, Hussain (AS) is an eternal truth that can introduce people to the highest concepts of life and be a light on the way to the path of virtuous life until reaching human perfection.


George Sam'an Jordac was born in 1931 in Lebanon in an Orthodox Christian family. His parents were Christians, but they loved the first Shia Imam, Imam Ali (AS). This love was displayed in their home with a sign posted on the door that read: "There is no chivalrous Soul like Ali, and there is no sword like Zulfikar."

Jordac's family and relatives were all educated and intellectuals. George had an older brother who gave him a copy of Nahj al-Balagheh at a very young age, this kindled the first sparks of love for writing and researching Imam Ali (AS) in George's mind. The brilliant part of Jordac's life is the authoring of the encyclopedia "Ali, the Voice of Human Justice", which is compiled in six volumes, including Ali (AS) and human rights", "Ali (AS) and the French Revolution", "Ali (AS) and Socrates", "Ali (AS) and his times" and "Ali (AS) and Arabs" and "Masterpieces of Nahj al-Balagha"

Imam Ali (AS) name in Hagia Sophia mosque, Istanbul


Imam Ali (AS), the voice of human justice

Regarding his love and devotion to Imam Ali (AS) Jordac says: "I am in love with the morals and humanity of Ali (AS), and I must say that with this view, I consider myself to be one of the Alevi Shiites and Alevis."

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In response to what similarities there are between Ali (AS) and Hussain (AS) and why he chose Ali (AS) to write and not Imam Hussein (AS), he says: "I realized that Hussain (AS) is the natural line of his father Ali (AS) and I have mentioned this issue in my writings. When I wrote about the significance of Ali (AS) for the civilization and history of humanity, I realized that there are common aspects in his great character that corresponds to cosmic and divine religions. Therefore, I chose him as an example of the success of the French Revolution and justice and human rights, and also called him a beacon for philosophy, wisdom and ethics in my work Ali and Socrates".


George Jordac, writes: "Yazid was the inheritor of all the evils of his predecessors and his evils were the most outrageous. The tyrant of Imam Hussain (AS) era, Yazid was drenched in every kind of evil and corruption that other evil and dishonorable men had. According to Yazid, his father Mu'awiya I had a collection of poisonous honey, but Yazid had an army of pure poison. No one was more deprived of human ethics than Yazid, the one who created the tragedy of Karbala.


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In contrast, no one was more perfect in human nature than Hussain bin Ali (AS), who was martyred in that event. Yazid had all the henious and disgraceful traits; and on the other side, that is, Ali's children, all were the exemplar of excellent and praiseworthy human qualities.


Regarding the companions of Imam Hussain (AS) and their martyrdom at the foot of their master and George Jordac points to subtle characteristics about them, quoting what Hussain (AS) said to his few companions on the last night of his life: “Leave me and get away from Karbala and save your life, but Imam Hussain companions were not satisfied to go and they only wanted to die in the way of Hussain (AS). On the other hand, Yazid officials said: How much is our share in this killing? While the companions of Hussain (AS) considered martyrdom in his way as the ultimate honor and greatness and said: "If we are killed seventy times, again we will stand with Hussain (AS)!"

"George Jardaq" spent four decades of his life studying and researching about, in his own words, one of the most outstanding personalities in the world, namely Imam Ali (AS) and died in 1393 at the age of 83.


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