Gov't Spox.:

Tehran (IP)- Speaking at his weekly presser, Iran's government spokesman noted the recent US moves in the region and the possibility of a conflict in West Asia, saying there is evidence that some in the United States are looking for a war, if they make a mistake, we will vigorously defend our security and interests.

Iran PressIran news: Ali Rabiee said: "This year was difficult for the people and the government due to sanctions and the coronavirus. If we insist on lifting the sanctions, this is not a sign of our despair. The situation in 2020 and next year is a sign of our economic growth, but the lifting of sanctions is the right of the Iranian people," the spokesman stated.

Rabiee emphasized: "The peace in the region, and security and a good life for the people still are our top priorities ."

He stated: "Talking about domestic and foreign vaccines and polarizing this issue has disappointed people. The final result of the domestic vaccine has yet to be clarified. Vaccine production is underway in three ways in the country and co-production of vaccines is also underway."

Regarding the purchase of the vaccine, Rabiei said: "It does not matter from which country we buy the vaccine, but this vaccine must be approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Iran's Health Ministry."


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