Herat(IP)- The horrific earthquake in Herat, western Afghanistan, has left extensive human losses, and some villages in the province have been completely destroyed.

Iran PressAsia: Iran Press news and photography team in Afghanistan, being present in "Zandejan" district of Herat province, has depicted a part of the extensive destruction of the earthquake of about 6.3 magnitude in the area.

The earthquake-hit village of "Naib Rafi" in "Zandejan" district has been almost completely destroyed, and every Afghan citizen who was in his old, mud house at the time of the terrible earthquake has lost his life.

The images of IranPress show that due to the terrible earthquake in Herat province, a disaster and extensive destruction has occurred in the village of "Naib Rafi" in "Zandejan" district.

Relief groups and people from different provinces of Afghanistan came to this old village to help their countrymen and are helping those who have lost their families and are still under the rubble.

Two Afghan citizens in an  interview with an Iranpress correspondent in "Zandejan" district emphasized that they came to this area to help, but the depth of the disaster shows that the death toll is high and the village has practically been destroyed.

In addition to domestic aid, the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a neighbor of Afghanistan, is providing aid to the victims of the earthquake in Herat province.

Iran Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Organization has reached the earthquake affected areas of Afghanistan with about 50 rescuers in the form of 10 operational teams.

"Hassan Kazemi Qomi", the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Afghanistan, has emphasized that Iran, as a neighbor of Afghanistan, considers it its duty to help the victims of the earthquake in Herat province.


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