The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas and the Islamic Jihad supported the operation against the Israeli military in southern Nablus, describing it as a continuation of the Palestinians' struggle against the occupiers.

Iran Press/Middle East: In an interview with the official Palestinian news agency (Wafa), Hamas spokesman Hazem Ghassim said the operation was a clear and direct response to the attacks by Zionist settlers and the occupying regime's army on the holy city of occupied Jerusalem.

He added that the Palestinian people in the West Bank have entered into a continuous revolution against the occupying regime and that this revolution will not stop except by expelling the occupiers and eradicating the settlers.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement also issued a statement saying: "The Southern Nablus operation carries the message of the Palestinian people, which emphasizes that Jerusalem al Quds is a red line and insulting Islamic sanctities erupts endless anger against the occupying regime."

The statement added that the operation clearly showed that the resistance is able to regain its vitality in the West Bank.

A drive-by shooting attack in the West Bank on Sunday afternoon injured three Israelis, including two in critical condition, Israeli authorities said.

An Israeli military spokesperson said in a statement that "a suspicious vehicle" arrived at a Junction, located outside the Jewish settlement of Tapuah, and opened fire towards Israelis who were waiting at a bus stop.

The troops responded with fire towards the vehicle, which escaped the scene.

Israeli security forces launched a manhunt to catch the perpetrators.