On Sunday evening, Greek media reported the interception of a number of Turkish fighters and drones over the Aegean Sea in the past 24 hours.

Iran PressEurope: NATO members Greece and Turkey have maritime and air border disputes that go back centuries, including the 1974 partition of Cyprus, as well as the discovery of fossil fuels in the Mediterranean. This friction has brought them to the brink of war three times in the last half-century.

The Greek Ministry of Defense reported that in the last 24 hours, 57 cases of violation of the country's airspace have been committed by Turkish fighters and drones.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of Turkey announced on Sunday that Greece has so far violated Turkish air and sea space in 1123 cases.

In recent weeks, Turkey has accused Greece of using Russian-made S-300 missile systems in Crete to put radar locks on Turkish jets.

Ankara also said Greek F-16s harassed Turkish jets by placing them under radar lock during NATO's mission over the eastern Mediterranean. Greece has denied these claims and accused Turkey of violating its airspace.

At the same time, Turkey claims that Greece violates international agreements by militarizing the islands in the Aegean Sea. 219

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