Tehran (IP) - In an address at the closing ceremony of the Omid Media Cup, Government spokesman Ali Bahadori-Jahromi highlighted the critical importance of fostering hope amidst confusion and despair in cognitive warfare.

Iran Press/Iran News: Bahadori-Jahromi underscored the pivotal role of media activists as frontline warriors in defending the values of independence, freedom, humanity, morality, and religion.

He urged media professionals to recognize their significance in shaping the narrative and to unite in solidarity to combat the challenges posed by cognitive warfare effectively. He emphasized the need for a concerted effort to develop literature that aligns with the demands of this evolving battleground.

The Government Spokesman's remarks shed light on the ongoing efforts to address the complexities of cognitive warfare, particularly in the context of the enduring legacy of the 8-year holy defense. As the event unfolded, a sense of purpose and unity permeated the atmosphere, underscoring the collective commitment to safeguarding the nation's values and principles in the face of contemporary challenges.