French President and Germany's new Chancellor played down differences on Friday over reform of EU budget rules, and the place of nuclear in green investment financing, pledging to keep the Franco-German axis strong.

Iran PressEurope: Addressing Olaf Scholz as "dear Olaf", Emmanuel Macron said he welcomed the show of unity between the men, Reuters reported.

"There is a desire to have our countries work together," added Macron. "And a firm and determined belief in Europe, which I knew already, and which we will need in the months and years ahead."

Macron said the visit was a very important moment to build solid foundations for cooperation between the countries.

The two men discussed their vision for the future of the European Union as well as tensions between Ukraine and Russia, EU-bound migrants in Belarus, and ties with China and the African continent.

Scholz, who will also stop in Brussels at the headquarters of the EU and NATO on Friday, took over from Angela Merkel on Wednesday at the end of her 16 years in power.

In January, France starts its six months as rotating president of the 27-member Council of the European Union.

Macron said he wants the period to develop a Europe that is powerful in the world.


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