Bushehr (IP) - The second region of the IRGC navy seized a foreign vessel with two million liters of smuggled fuel in the waters of the Persian Gulf

Iran PressIran news: Brigadier General Heydar Honarian Mojarrad, Commander of the Second Naval Region of Imam Hassan Mojtaba (AS) of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, pointed out that one of the missions of the IRGC Navy is to fight fuel smuggling at sea and said: "With complete intelligence and intelligence monitoring in the second district of IRGC Navy, on Sunday morning, a foreign vessel carrying the flag of a country from Oceania, which had two million liters of smuggled diesel fuel, was seized and 14 crew members were seized by court order, 60 miles off the coast of Bandar Bushehr.

"The foreigners, who were from two Asian countries were arrested," he added.

Brigadier General Heydar Honarian Mojarrad added: "The legal procedures of the work have been completed and the employees of this vessel have been handed over to the judicial authorities, and the smuggled fuel is also being handed over to the National Company for Refining and Distribution of Petroleum Products according to the law."

Stating that this is the second vessel seized for smuggling fuel in the Persian Gulf, he added: "This vessel was under our intelligence surveillance since it was refueled, and we seized it after it entered the operational area of the second zone of the IRGC Navy."

Brigadier General  Honarian Mojarrad stated: "The IRGC Navy has complete control over all behavior in the Persian Gulf by using modern detection tools."


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