IP- European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell in a forum in Singapore said that the EU has no evidence of China supplying weapons to Russia.

Iran PressEurope: Borrell emphasized that China has committed not to supply arms to Russia and that the EU does not have evidence of such supplies.

However, he noted that there is no clear distinction between arms and non-arms, as some items can be dual-use.

Borrell alleged that components made in Western countries, including the United States, Europe, and the UK, may be used in the production of Russian military equipment.

He emphasized that the problem is not limited to China, but rather involves the use of Western components in Russian military production.

The statement by Borrell underscores the EU's lack of evidence supporting claims of Chinese weapons supplies to Russia.

While Borrell acknowledged the potential for dual-use items, he did not provide specific examples of Chinese weapons supplies to Russia.

China has consistently denied allegations of supplying weapons to Russia, with Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin emphasizing that China handles the export of military products prudently and responsibly, and strictly controls the export of dual-use articles.

The EU's focus on Western components used in Russian military production highlights the complexity of international trade and the potential for components from various countries to be used in military equipment.

This underscores the need for continued diplomatic efforts to address the conflict in Ukraine and ensure that international trade practices do not contribute to the escalation of the conflict.

It is noteworthy that EU member states and the US openly export military weapons, ammunition, and components to the main war-torn region, especially Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the US deadly weapons routine export of weapons to Israel in 8 months of Zionist carnage in Gaza which killed and injured more than 100,000 people and destroyed nearly 80 percent of Gaza also faced with global anger.

Even the ICC ruling on the necessity of stopping Zionist attacks on Gaza can't prevent the US from arms sales to Israel.