Yazd(IP): The art of engraving by chisels and hammers on different metals in the world city of Yazd has a special place among the handicrafts of Iran.


Iran Press/ Iran news: According to Iranpress, the movement of the chisels on the curved lines of various designs with different types creates valuable and luxurious works.

A pattern is taken from the culture, history, religion, and lifestyle of the people of Yazd, which represents a page of the birth certificate of this land.

The art of engraving on metals is world-renowned 600 years old, and is one of the handicrafts of the artistic city of Yazd, although the history of this art in Iran goes back thousands of years.

"Mohammed Mehdi Esmaili Meibdi", an artist from Yazdi, said in an interview with an Iran Press correspondent:

Engraving by chisels is the dance of the chisels on soulless lines, which turns it into a warm, pleasant, and lasting body.

He considered embossed gilding to be a special style of Yazd and said:

"In the old days, 90% of Yazd's engraving was done on gold and in the style of embossing, and you can still find embossing in the form of necklaces in the jewelry market of Yazd, which is 70 to 200 years old.

This Yazdi artist stated: "Yazd handicrafts and engravings are not only important for domestic tourists, but many foreign tourists when they see a meta engraving artwork being produced up close and live, it is unimaginable for them to produce such works with different designs.


Photographer: Naeimeh Dehghan