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  • Russia urges preserving JCPOA, Opposing anti Iran sanctions+ commentary
    Russia urges preserving JCPOA, Opposing anti Iran sanctions+ commentary

Tehran (IP) - As an important member of the P4 + 1 group, Russia has always emphasized the importance of preserving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and considered the deal as the one playing important role in maintaining regional and international peace and security.

Iran Press/Iran news: Moscow has also slammed the US approach of withdrawal from the JCPOA. Accordingly, the Russian envoy to the UN Vasily Nebenzya once again supported the JCPOA a the UN Security Council  meeting held on  Wednesday, February 26.

Nabenzya described JCPOA as a unique achievement of multilateral diplomacy and said the international deal has been jeopardized by the US' failure to meet its international obligations.

In another stance on behalf of Russia, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Bogdanov condemned the US sanctions against some countries due to their cooperation with Iran.

Bogdanov added that Russia will oppose the resumption of the UN sanctions against Iran and that the international body should not be considered as a play thing for some countries.

The controversial US President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly slammed the JCPOA as the worst deal for the United States, on May 8, 2018, unilaterally scrapped it  and announced the return of nuclear sanctions.

Trump's move received widespread domestic and international condemnation, yet it seems that Trump administration has even gone beyond that to try to find a way to resume the UN nuclear sanctions against Iran, which has been stopped according to the UNSC Resolution No. 2231. The US officials want the trigger mechanism be implemented in this regard, which will automatically reinstate UN sanctions on Iran.

However, Russia, as one of US' international rivals, has repeatedly criticized the Trump administration's unilateral and bullying approach, strongly opposing the re-imposition of UN sanctions on Iran, while demanding the preservation of the JCPOA.

Moscow's views on the JCPOA are very close to that of  Iran. Russia has repeatedly emphasized the importance of preserving the deal, its importance for regional and international peace and security, and the need to balance the right and obligation to the international deal.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Iran's nuclear deal must be preserved and that Russia wants the maintenance of the deal and the European countries must support Iran. Putin also called on Europe to activate  the Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX) with Iran.

Russia's position as a member of the P4+1 group is putting emphasis on the need to preserve the JCPOA by taking serious and effective action on behalf of  the European Union and the European Troika (Germany, France, and the United Kingdom) side.

According to Russia's Foreign Ministry, the JCOPA agreement is well-established and agreed upon and must be enforced. Therefore, the position of the Iranian side is more understandable and the United States must return to the implementation of the deal.

Russia believes that it is necessary to strike a balance between right and obligation over the JCPOA.

While the Westerners including the Europeans and even the US that has withdrawn from the deal, always stress the necessity of Iran's commitment to the international deal, but they fail to fulfill their commitments toward it either intentionally or unintentionally.


By: Seyyed Reza Mirtaher

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