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  • Corona a virus-infected with political goals
    Corona a virus-infected with political goals

Tehran (IP) - World has been facing a new outbreak of a contagious disease called Coronavirus for several months now.

Iran Press/commentary: The outbreak of the Coronavirus began in December 2019 and the city of Wuhan eastern Hubei province of China.

As of Tuesday (February 25th), over 80,000 people worldwide have been infected and 2,700 have died as a result of the "Covid-19" disease, or coronavirus.

The virus has now spread to at least 38 other countries in addition to the 30 provinces in China, and cases have been identified in Iran.

According to the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the death toll from coronavirus has risen to 15 in Iran, and 95 people in Iran have been infected with the coronavirus.

According to the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the death toll from coronavirus has risen to 15 in Iran, and 95 people in Iran have been infected with the coronavirus.

Many countries around Iran, even in Europe and the US, have been trying to hide of the exact number of virus-affected people in recent days, but now and after Iran's right decision to announce the transmission of the virus to the country, some states have restored to projection, disinformation, and machination and they try to cover their weaknesses and by closing their border with Iran are exploiting the purely medical issue for Iranophobia.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who did not miss a chance to accuse Iran, said in a groundless statement on Tuesday that Washington was "very concerned" that Iran had concealed details of the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The opportunism has shown accusing Iran at expense of falsifying the facts.

The coronavirus has already spread to 38 countries, including some around Iran, some of which are bordered by China. There is no doubt that the number of countries affected by the Coronavirus is more than officially declared to be either due to a lack of proper diagnosis or due to political conservatism. Some sources have indicated that the United States is also one of the countries that refrain from officially announcing the virus.

In this regard, the People Daily of China quoted some resources in the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention as saying that in the United States, about 1000 people have been infected with the virus, but this information is not allowed to be revealed.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday at a meeting of the Anti- Corona Headquarters that all news and information should be told to the people, adding: "One of the enemies' plans and plots is to spread intimidation in the society and shut down Iran."

According to a report released Tuesday by the Minister of Health, efforts have been made to control the virus, and the number of people referring to medical centers in many cities has fallen sharply and people who are discharged from the hospital are on the rise.

In the wake of a definitive diagnosis of the virus, health officials in the Islamic Republic of Iran, in coordination with other institutions, have made every effort to contain and prevent the spread of the virus despite US sanctions.

Iran's health and treatment facilities were able to control the disease not only in the face of the virus but also a few months ago when the B-type influenza virus threatened the society.

Tedros Adhanom, secretary-general of the World Health Organization stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a pioneer in the field of health in the eastern Mediterranean region, saying that Iran has promoted the control of child mortality, women and communicable diseases by promoting health services.

Now, Iran's medical capacity is capable of controlling the virus in the shortest possible time. Iran, which in the most difficult times, has been the ultimate victor, will also emerge victorious from the Corona upheaval.

By Jamshid Amin Zade


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