Nov 10, 2019 10:42 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 06, 2019 21:34 Asia/Tehran]

Yazd (IP)- Iranian President said a new massive oil field has been discovered with at least 53 billion barrels of oil, and addressed the White House in Washington by saying despite your sanctions our oil industry is flourishing and thriving.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani started his speech by praising the people of Yazd for the sacrifices they have made in the way of the Islamic revolution, and said the Iranian nation stands up to the enemy solidly and resolutely.

In further remarks, President Rouhani said we will disappoint the enemy and dash his hopes. The latest economic figures, for example, inflation in the months of Ordibehesht 2 %, Khordad 3%, and Mordad and Shahrivar each 0.8 %, are bound to disappoint the enemies. Iran's non-oil exports have risen significantly despite [US unilateral] sanctions.

Commenting on the fight against corruption and fraud, President Rouhani said the entire nation wants a transparent and effective fight against corruption. He urged Iran's judiciary to fight corruption more effectively. He said: "In the same way that you prosecute corrupt individuals who steal millions of Toumans or billions of Toumans of the public purse, you should also prosecute corrupt individuals who steal millions or billions of dollars of public funds or government money."

President Rouhani also assured the people of Yazd that in his government not a penny of public money will be unaccounted for. He pointedly said: "We can account for every Rial spent by this government."

President Rouhani also announced the start of several major industrial, construction, and infrastructure projects in the city of Yazd and surrounding areas saying many jobs will be created in the province.


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