Feb 13, 2020 14:16 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Feb 22, 2020 21:03 Asia/Tehran]
  • Syrian ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Jaafari
    Syrian ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Jaafari

Syria’s Ambassador to the UN said it is now impossible to implement a ceasefire in the de-escalation zone of the country’s embattled northwestern province of Idlib.

Iran Press/America: Speaking at a UN Security Council’s session on the situation in Syria on Wednesday, Bashar Jaafari said that “western countries and the US seek to engage Turkey in Syria” due to their political disputes with Russia.

The event was held concurrent with the Syrian army's advances for the liberation of the Syrian Province of Idlib at the request of the UN representatives of the US, France, and Britain.

In recent weeks more tension has been reported in the northwestern Syrian city due to Terrorist moves.

The presence of Turkish troops also had led to the escalation of tension in a war-torn country.

The province of Idlib is the last base of terrorists in Syria.


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