British lawmakers rebuffed all eight alternative proposals on a deal with the European Union on Brexit conditions during the vote in the House of Commons on Wednesday evening.

Iran Press/Europe: The MPs voted against holding a referendum to endorse the results of Brexit talks, canceling Brexit, a no-deal Brexit, the United Kingdom’s accession in the European Free Trade Association and preserving membership in the European Economic Area, the country’s participation in the EU Customs Union as well as signing preferential trade agreements with the EU on the impossibility of striking the deal.

Besides, they rejected an alternative plan proposed by the Labour Party on keeping the country’s membership in the EU Customs Union and thoroughly coordinating British trade rules with the rules of the single European market, Guardian reported.

The vote on various options of Brexit was aimed at establishing control over the entire Brexit process, taking it away from the government. The goal of the vote was to understand which of the options is likely to be backed by most lawmakers and to break the current deadlock.

Although neither option was approved, the gap between votes on two of them was little. 

The House of Commons has twice rejected the deal on Brexit conditions on January 15 and on March 12.

The UK has spent nearly three years trying to negotiate a divorce from the EU, following the June 2016 referendum that resulted in the surprise victory of those in favor of Brexit. 101/202


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