The new year songs of the Azeri-speaking people of northwestern Iran have always been popular, both within Azerbaijan itself, as well as in the wider Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: One of the most famous and popular of these Azeri Nowruz songs is known as 'Galdi Bahaar' (literally, the spring has arrived), which is performed each year with the advent of Nowruz (Iranian new year).

Traditional folk music from Azerbaijan generally reflects the important aspects of the lives of the Azeri people, and also deals with certain aspects of the history of Azerbaijan, recounting the feelings and spirit of the Azeri people with a wonderful eloquence and intricacy.

Recurring themes in Azeri songs and ballads include joy and sadness, separation and togetherness, victories and defeats, etc.

The main musical instruments used in Azeri music include Kamancheh, Chogour, Tar, Accordion, Balaban, Naghareh, Flute, Dayereh, Dohol (a type of large drum) and Sorna.  101/211

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