Yemen (IP) - Following the release of news about the burial of nuclear waste in Yemen's marine territory, the Minister of Fisheries of Yemen National Salvation Government said the marine environment is Sana'a's red line.

Iran PressMiddle East: Yemen's Ansarullah resistance movement denounced Saudi Arabia's attempts to turn Yemen into a dumping ground for its toxic nuclear waste, Al-Ahed News reported. 

The Yemeni National Salvation Government has condemned Saudi attempts to dump untreated hazardous waste on the ground or off the shores of the conflict-stricken Arab nation, warning that Riyadh is trying to turn Yemen into a toxic waste dump.

The Yemeni Ministry of Fisheries in a statement on Friday pointed to the environmental pollution, injuries, and adverse health risks that could arise as a result of any agreement between the Saudi Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission and the so-called Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council, led by Rashad al-Alimi, concerning nuclear radiation resulting from toxic waste.

It highlighted that the matter “portends a great environmental disaster due to the impact of Saudi waste that has been and will be buried in desert regions and other areas” in Yemen.

The ministry also pointed to “the continued dumping of toxic and chemical waste by foreign ships off the coast of Yemen,” noting that the “radiation recently detected in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea waters has caused the death of a high number of fish and culminated in the destruction of coral reefs and the marine environment in the provinces of Aden, Abyan, al-Mahra, Hadhramaut.”

The statement emphasized that attempts to turn Yemen into a dumping ground for toxic waste amount to a “crime against humanity,” calling on the international community to take immediate action to stop them.

It called for urgent measures to be taken to protect the Yemeni environment and population from such waste.


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