Italy (IP)- Parsa and Kian Ghazi, 12 and 9-year-old genius wood carvers have won international prizes.

Iran PressEurope:  Last month, the two young wood artists attended a national wood carving competition in Italy. 

On the occasion of World Handicrafts Day, Iran's elite artist Parsa Ghazi told IranPress correspondence in Italy that he learned wood carving when he was 3 and won many prizes before the age of 7.

Referring to the visit of the World Craft Council together and UNESCO evaluators to his personal workshop and his artworks, the Iranian young artist announced that he received the award of the youngest Wood Carving Artist.

According to Ghazi, he had participated in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and, Austria competitions so far. 

Pointing to his activities in the field of wood carving, the Iranian carver noted that he and his younger brother held a workshop in Italy with wood carving masters, exhibited their works, and received a certificate from the judges.

Later, these two Iranian artists congratulated the International Handicrafts Day.

Father of these two young Iranian artists Mohammad Hassan Ghazi in an interview with the IranPress correspondence in Italy congratulated International Handicrafts Day and said that whenever they were asked where they were from, they proudly answered Iran.  

Hassan Ghazi stated: It is a great honor that Parsa, as an artist, can represent Iran's culture since he was 7.


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