Tehran (IP) - The Iranian President delivered a speech on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the late Founder of Iran's Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini's demise in Tehran on Saturday.

Iran PressIran News: Delivering a speech at the ceremony, Ebrahim Raisi said Imam Khomeini had a developmental view of religion, where religion can administrate human society.

Raisi said Imam Khomeini considered religion as an instruction to administrate the society.

Raisi told people that the bane in today's societies is due to the separation of spirituality and religion from politics, exampling the ongoing oppression of the Israeli regime on the Palestinian people for 70 years or the US and Israeli mass killing of the world people by their lethal missiles. 

He highlighted the Islamic Republic as a political system that is established based on both democracy and divine values. 

Imam Khomeini both just, justice-seeking

The Iranian President says Imam Khomeini was a just leader while seeking justice in the society.

Ebrahim Raisi said that the people obeyed Imam Khomeini's orders because they saw him as a self-dedicated and just person whose words and action was the same. 

Raisi referred to the Islamic Revolution as the fruit of Imam Khomeini's endeavor saying Imam's movement disturbed the world's status quo and equation, the most brilliant indicators of that are the decline of the US power in the region and the formation of the new emerging power in the world, like in Asia. 

He noted that the strategic extension of the Islamic Revolution could be seen in any corner of the world, referring to the nonstop 8-year Resistance of the Yemeni people against the world's arrogant power, and the fresh resistance of the people in Lebanon and Palestine against the Israeli regime.

Imam Khomeini considered two principles for the nations to get prosperous, reliance on God and self-confidence, President Raisi said. 


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