Tehran (IP) – The Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution paid tribute to the late founder of the Islamic Revolution by attending a ceremony at his mausoleum.

Iran PressIran News: On the verge of the Fajr (Dawn) 10-day occasion on Tuesday, Ayatollah Khamenei attended a ceremony at Imam Khomeini's mausoleum and paid tribute to Imam Khomeini and the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. 

On February 1st, 1979, Imam Khomeini, the Founder of the Islamic Revolution, returned to Tehran amidst an enthusiastic welcome from the people after fifteen years of exile.


Ten days after Imam Khomeini's return to Iran, on February 11th, 1979, the Islamic Revolution of Iran's victory occurred; hence, from February 1st to February 11th has been named the Fajr 10-day and every year, special celebrations and ceremonies for the victory of the Islamic Revolution are held during these days.

Imam Khomeini passed away on June 3rd, 1989, in Jamaran, Tehran, at the age of 86, after spending eleven days at a hospital.

Leader pays tribute to 2 martyrs of Ukrainian plane crash

Ayatollah Khamenei paid tribute to two martyrs of the Ukrainian passenger plane crash that led to the killing of 176 innocent victims as well.

On January 08, 2020, a passenger plane belonging to Ukrainian Airlines was mistakenly shot down in Iran’s airspace shortly after its takeoff en route to Kyiv. One hundred sixty-seven passengers and nine crew members died in the incident.

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