Tehran (IP)- Vice-President for Human Rights issues Kazem Gharib Abadi, on Tuesday, May 30, 2023 stated: "The confession of supporting terrorism and creating terrorist groups is documented and available according to the statements of the American authorities."

Iran PressIran News: Kazem Gharib Abadi noted that the rights of women and people of color are being violated in the US. The USA has the largest number of prisoners in the world with about 2 million prisoners, and 4000 prisoners die every year due to torture and poor health conditions.

He emphasized that the right to life of many American citizens is being violated, and the recent mass shootings in US schools exemplify it.

The death of 500 Iraqi children due to the US sanctions proves the lack of the right to life and the violation of human rights.

Gharib Abadi condemned the US support of Israel committing crimes in Palestine.

Referring to the terrorist groups being supported by the US, Gharib Abadi stated that terrorist groups consider themselves to be Iranian ethnic groups, which is not true. Gharib Abadi put an emphasis on the necessity of investigating the violation of human rights in various fields inside and outside the US 

He emphasized that highlighting US crimes, especially in the field of sanctions and terrorism, is a duty for the Islamic Republic of Iran because Iran has always been a victim of terrorism with 17-25 thousand victims.

He pointed out: A joint meeting with countries that have been victims of terrorism can have a common message.


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