Referring to the strategies of the Parliament based on the leader’s agenda, the speaker of the Parliament said: curbing inflation, growing production, approving the 7th plan, and finalizing plans and bills are among the priorities of the parliament in the final year.

Iran PressIran news: Mohammad Baghet Ghalibaf, Speaker of the Parliament, on Sunday, in his pre-agenda speech, called the support of the leader in the 4-year term of the 11th Parliament rare.

He also stated that the leaders have set the main agenda for the last year of the parliament in three areas of curbing inflation and production growth, approving the seventh plan, and finalizing half-finished projects and bills.

He stated: "We are trying to prioritize these areas in the framework of the parliament."

Ghalibaf went on to state that one of the important recommendations that was emphasized by the leader last year is not to be influenced by atmospheres and said: "We, representatives should not attach importance to any atmospheres in approving what is good for the country and the people." 

He added: "I ask all colleagues, especially in specialized commissions, to make special efforts to complete these priorities until the last day of this period."

"I also request all the elites to make the recommendations of the wise leader of the Islamic revolution to the parliament the center of their demands from us representatives, because the experience of the past 3 years has shown us that scientific demands play a big role in the efficiency of the parliament," he pointed.

In the end, the speaker of the parliament said: "Obviously, ignoring the pressures does not mean not listening to the opinions of experts and elites who are concerned and informed."


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