Tehran (IP) - Tensions broke out between the border guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Taliban on Saturday, stopped.

Iran PressIran News: The Afghan Taliban troops made again troubles around the "Sasooli" checkpoint, in the southeastern borders of Iran, which led to conflict with the Iranian forces and an exchange of fire.

It was at 10 AM local time, as the Talib forces disregarded the international laws and the neighborliness principles and opened fire on the Sasooli checkpoint, using light and semi-light weapons. 

Despite receiving warnings from the Iranian border guards, the Talibs kept on their shootings toward the Iranian checkpoint. 

Following the start of border clashes by the Taliban, Iran's Police Chief Brigadier General Ahmad Radan issued decisive orders to the border guards and commanded them to firmly defend the borders and not allow anyone to trespass. 

The conflict ended today, while the border guards of Iran and Afghanistan are currently in a meeting to investigate the causes of the tension.

Earlier, the Talib forces created tensions due to their ignorance about the laws on international borders, and received a firm response from the Islamic Republic of Iran; The authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran made the Taliban authorities aware of their mistakes. 

According to reports; one Iranian border guard has been killed in the latest clash between Iranian soldiers and Taliban forces. 


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