Software engineers are panicking about being replaced by AI, and their anxieties around the technology that has wondered many people.

Iran PressAmerica: Tech workers are beginning to panic about the possibility that AI is coming for their jobs.

Since ChatGPT captured headlines late last year, workers have taken to the anonymous networking site Blind to question whether AI will make their jobs obsolete. Software engineers on the site, which requires users to verify their employee email addresses, have written dozens of posts on the issue — from polls on when AI will replace them to admissions that the "golden age is over."

Insider did not independently verify the employment of users cited in this story.

"Software engineering is a dying profession," a Microsoft engineer wrote in a Blind post from earlier this week, titled "Face it, golden age is over."

"And since GPT is already great at writing its own prompts, you're up the creek without a paddle," they added.

The post generated nearly 500 replies, from one user claiming "the profession is fine" to another agreeing that "basically every white collar job is dead."

In a separate post, a Blind user created a poll asking whether young software engineers are screwed. The survey generated more than 12,000 votes. 41.3% of respondents voted yes, while 37% voted that opportunities have remained unchanged, and another 21.7% said that there are more opportunities now.

Several other workers on Blind said that they are "anxious" about what the future of AI will mean in general. One Google engineer said they wondered if it was time to start their career "from the ground up again."


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