The Islamic Republic of Iran has joined a select group of countries with 3 dimensional radar technology - an advanced technology used in weather monitoring, air defence and surveillance which only a handful of countries possess.

According to an Iran Press report, General AliReza Elhami, the deputy commander of the Khatam-ol-Anbia air defence base, speaking in the city of Birjand in eastern Iran said: "As far as air defence, surveillance and monitoring of air threats is concerned, the Iranian army now has its own Radar systems, remote sensing and information gathering systems, which are 100 percent Iranian -- built here in Iran."

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The deputy commander of the Khatam-ol-Anbia air defence base added: "We have developed our own 3D tactical Radar, putting us on the 'cutting-edge' of technology, and among just a handful of countries which possess this powerful advanced technology."

General AliReza Elhami added: "As far as command and control systems are concerned, we have developed a 100 percent Iranian-manufactured command and control system, known as the Great Prophet Command and Control System. This is considered a major achievement and a strong point of the Iranian Army and Air Force."

Commenting further, General Elhami said: "There is virtually no exchange of information or collaboration in manufacture of command and control systems, since this is an extremely sensitive and critical technology, which bestows superiority in the battlefield, and most countries do not share this sensitive technology. Iranian Army scientists and engineers have manufactured the 'Great Prophet Command and Control System' here in Iran, and the system is being continually updated and modernised -- a fantastic achievement for Iranian scientists."

3D Radar 

3D radar provides for radar coverage in three dimensions; unlike the more common 2D radar which provides range and bearing, the 3D radar also provides information on elevation. The information provided by 3D radar is particularly useful for air defence and interception. Interceptors must be told the altitude to climb to before making an intercept. 211/103

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